Beginning Of Google Search Algorithm Update 2015Google updating search algorithm, as acknowledged by Google’s John Mueller in today’s Webmaster Hangout on Google+, is currently rolling out. Despite speculation, Mueller confirmed this update is not Panda-related.

Meaning, I am seeing signs of a possible Google update based on the vast number of webmasters and SEOs saying the rankings have changed. But I honestly don’t think it is Panda. Many webmasters are telling that they see no movement, plus the forum chatter doesn’t really show Panda yet.

The folks at WebmasterWorld in two different threads and the folks at Black Hat Forums in two different threads are discussing a possible update. Some are saying Panda, but others are saying not so. Some are seeing ranking changes, some are seeing huge shifts in crawl rates.

The MozCast, a day-by-day report of shakeups to Google’s search rankings, lit up today and Moz’s Dr. Pete Meyers has stated that it was not simply a data glitch.

There is some thought that Wikipedia’s recent move to HTTPS could have something to do today’s changes.

Given the extent to which Wikipedia dominates the SERPs, a site-wide change could certainly have something to do with the changes being observed to Google’s search results.

However, there are clearly more pieces to this puzzle than just Wikipedia — SEOs around the web are reporting to see ranking changes, and some are already experiencing an impact to their business.

What the update could possibly be related to is anyone’s guess at this point until there is official word from Google. Moz’s Dr. Pete believes he has found a possible explanation, which he will reveal tomorrow morning.

In addition to this update, we still have an actual Panda update to look forward to. In today’s webmaster hangout, John Mueller said we should expect to see a Panda update/refresh in the next couple of weeks.

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