Check Mobile Friendly Responsive WebsitesIt’s now been nearly two months since the release of the major update to Google’s search algorithm “Mobilegeddon”, that was released on 4/21/2015.

This major algorithm update penalized websites that did not provide a positive user experience for mobile users via a mobile site or effective responsive web design.

Expectations following Mobilegeddon algorithm update was pretty intense, to say the least, and quite a few SEO experts believed the impact on SMB organizations was greater than Panda or Penguin.

Despite the gradual rollout of Google’s search algorithm Mobilegeddon, there has been some noticeable change. Some business owners and marketers report drastic changes in their organization’s search rankings, though analyst believe these individuals are in the minority.

The “Mobile-friendly” tag tracking is one solution – this should gradually increase – but there’s another metric we can look at. If mobile results continue to diverge from desktop results, then the same-day flux between the two sets of results should increase.

Since the digital world improving day by day therefore; you must be highly concentrated towards the creation of responsive websites online. These responsive websites can be easily and conveniently accessed in different smart phones, androids and other related devices.

The online researches have recently showed that those sites that can be accessed both in mobile phones and desktops are gaining the highest traffic & search engine ranking also.

You can now use different kinds of productive and useful tool for checking responsiveness of the sites and thus you can use the same for making the site more mobile-friendly in nature. The sites must be comfortably opened in multiple screens and in accordance the responsiveness need to be determined.

Here are 4 Essential Free Tools for Testing the Responsiveness of Website Design :-


It is one of the most useful tools which are mainly required for determining the perfect site responsiveness. You can use the same for checking the site look in various Apple devices like ipad, iphone 6 and iphone 5. In this case, the site sizes over android phones are also to be checked with the use of the concerned tool online. Both portrait and landscape modes are being detected as these modes can definitely increase site responsiveness. Responsiveness of varied site sections is also to be determined like page, single post, contact page and others.

Am I Responsive:

The site responsiveness can be checked in the most convenient and easiest manner with the help of this simple tool online and the result can be viewed over the screen immediately. You just need to put the URL link just by means of clicking the same and the result will be automatically viewed. This is quite an improved checking tool that can show you clear reports.

Responsive Design Checker:

Neat interface can be easily checked by means of this free tool. Portrait and landscape mode with multiple screens can be tested. This tool is highly improved in comparison to the above tools and thus the checking can be completed conveniently without any hazards. In most of the cases, this kind of tool is being used by professional web developers.


If you are having the latest version of iphone, then in that case this tool is the best option for checking site responsiveness. In this case, preview screen can be effectively stretched to a great extent and thus it is considered as one of the best aspects of this particular tool.

Different screen sizes can be easily tested by the same along with the measurement of the screen width. Both landscape and portrait mode can be supported by means of this tool.On the other hand, you can use the same freely and conveniently.

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