Google Hummingbird Algorithm UpdatesAny search engine optimizer (SEO) will be feeling a touch tensed when heard the words “Google Algorithm Updates”.

No convincing reason to stress for any Google algorithm updates when taken off until your site includes all the fundamentals with awesome substance quality content and linkings required for a decent Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP).

These Google algorithm updates hits the websites which does not pass the numerous ranking factors which is kept as a test case for that related algorithm.

It was said that the Algorithms and updates initially begun with a Google Dance continued after where Google declared a ToolBar page rank (TBPR).

There are several Google Algorithms and updates that have been declared from numerous years till now yet few had an incredible effect on the sites.

We should have a brief look on some essential Algorithms. These are the essential Algorithms need to known by any individual who is into search engine optimization (SEO).

Panda Algorithm:

This was termed as “Farmer Algorithm” before the name Panda was really declared by its inventor name Navneet panda. The principle point of this Algorithm is offering need to brilliant sites and demonstrates to them in top query items and limiting the locales with slender quality or copy content in the site.

This was initially reported Feb 23rd, 2011. The primary matter with this update was that it not just impact couple of WebPages with dainty or copies content, rather it considers the whole webpage as low quality website. However, in some cases it just limits just few sub areas or a new site which does not meet the positioning elements.

Penguin Algorithm:

This was reported as “WebSpam Update” on April 24, 2012 which was again called as “Penguin” calculation from later onwards. This was executed with a specific end goal to limit the Search rankings of the rundown of sites which has utilized some manipulative or black hat methods to enhance the SERP Rankings in Google and the locales which does not take after the rules of webmasters tools.

This principally effected the websites which utilizes some manufactured methods and spam connecting’s keeping in mind the end goal to develop their rankings on internet searchers. 3.1% Search Queries have been effected after this update.

Pigeon Algorithm:

Pigeon is the code name given to Google latest local search algorithm update. This update was released on July 24, 2014. The update is aimed to increase the ranking of local listing in a search.

The changes will also effect the search results shown in Google Maps along with the Google regular search results. As of now its release in US English results and will shortly released in other languages and locations too. This update will provide the results based on the user location and the listing available in the local directory.

The purpose of Pigeon is to provide preference to local search results. This is quite useful for user and the local business. On the day of release it received mixed response from the webmasters. Some complained about the ranking being decreased where as others reported improvement in the search rankings.

As per webmasters understandings this update has location and distance as key part of search strategy. The local directory listings are getting preferences in web results. On the fluctuations Google take is that they would not details the changes in future.

HummingBird Algorithm:

This was another Search Algorithm initially declared on August 20, 2013. This fundamentally includes “Semantic Search” where it is going to consider the Meaning of each Search Query to show up the query results by catching up the Content Strategy.

The Pirate Algorithm:

This update focused on the Websites which crossed the Digital Millennium Copyrights Acts (DMCA). This was presented in August, 2012. This was acted like a filter to penalize the sites and down the locales which are involved for piracy issues. This punishes the sites which embodies numerous copyright encroachment issues.

There were still many Google updates that have been announced till now like HTTP update which intended that Google rankings will be improved with a added up security to the Website. Payday Loan Update Algorithm which targeted the “Spammy Queries”, The Link Checks Updates, the Freshness Updates and many more.

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