Google Pigeon Algorithm Update May 2015Again there is new news about Google Pigeon algorithm update for local search result.

Many search engine optimizers (SEOs) are noticing huge fluctuations in Google local search results than when they compare to few days back.

Through this algorithm Pigeon update Google has done a major algorithmic change that has shifted how the local results rank in both Google Maps and the local results in web search.

With these one by one updates in last 1-2 months looks like something went wrong with location detection and ranking of local results. It is almost believed to be a bug with Google’s location detection systems.

Same as all other recent updates there is no confirmation from Google about any kind of new algorithm update. But this is definite there is huge difference in local search results.

Now the thing is that what we should do now to save our site from this update because right now there is no information about any kind of update.

If this issue is about Google local search results only then surely it will pigeon update, because Google is set pigeon algorithm for local search listing results.

This Google Pigeon Algorithm Updated happened in last 24 hours, and may undeniably impact local shopping traffic for many merchants in the UK, Canada or Australia. Which again is surprising to search engine optimizers (SEOs)?

This update is not for all over the world, but all search engine optimizers (SEOs) should ready for that. Try to make your website like that which will stand on safer side in future from Google algorithm updates.

Here are few tips and information as precaution of Google Pigeon Algorithm Update:-

Location Factor:-

According to a survey if your local business is targeting medium market and ideal location for that should be close to city center then it would be prove great sound for you. Beside that you can get ideas to boost your local business from those all techniques which are using by your competitors.

State and City Factor:-

When you are going to make Meta and description of your site at that time you should always remember one thing in your mind try to mention that state and neighbor city names in that to attract numbers of visitors on your local listing.

Over Optimization:-

If you are trying to make lots of back-links to improve ranking of your site then you should stop this activity immediately. Now Google is counting these kinds of things as an offense, so instead of that you should try to improve quality of your content.

Organic Reviews:-

When you will have good numbers of genuine and positive reviews on your Google Plus account then it will be left great impact on your returning and new customers every time. But for that you will need to provide each and every information-clearly about your products.

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