Hot Tips To Generate Web Traffic To BlogCreating a blog is very easy but generating and give boost to internet traffic for your blog is not a easy task.

Everyone blogger knows that web traffic plays an important role in blogging.

Your article is incomplete without getting internet visitors to read your contents.

Once you sort out the article/content part, the next step is to start kicking of ways to generate and boost your blog traffic and preferably organic traffic (SEO & SMO) which is the most valuable type of traffic.

When it comes to generate and boost blog traffic, there are almost thousands of creative ways for getting traffic.

But you can’t follow all the ways of generate organic traffic because you don’t have enough time to try them all.

Remember that, without internet traffic you can’t get or make anything from blogging. As many of bloggers quit blogging because they were not able to generate and boost web traffic to their blog.

SO, here are 13 top tips to generate internet traffic to your blog and boost it regularly.

#1• Before the go live

Before start publishing content on a new blog, I always prefer to have 4-5 posts ready in advance in draft mode and then publish them one per day to get the ball rolling. There is no real SEO advantage or benefit from doing this, it’s just my way to start a new website. It’s good to give an indication to the search engine bots from the beginning that the site will be updated frequently but other than that there is not much to it.

#2• Keeping a schedule

What is important after you go live is to keep a constant publishing schedule. I made sure that once the blog was live, it was updated 3 times per week with good quality and unique content.

#3• Webmaster tools, Analytics and Rankings

As soon as I published the first posts, I have registered the site with Google and Bing webmaster tools, submitted the sitemap and added analytics. This helped me a lot in monitoring the performance of the blog, improvement in rankings and increase in traffic.

#4• Be more active on Social Media

Social media is the best way for getting traffic to your blog. Social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. can boost your blog traffic. Just you have to do is be more active and always share your blog posts. Moreover you should also join some groups in Facebook and share your blog posts to them also to gain more traffics to your blog.

#5• Join Blog Communities

Blog Communities is a place where bloggers share their posts to other bloggers and create a relationship with other bloggers. Blog Communities like BlogEngage, Indiblogger, Kingged, etc. can also boost your blog traffic. After posting posts on your blog, just share it to Blog Communities to gain more traffics to your blog.

#6• Make attractive and unique titles

Titles are the most important thing for every blog posts. Title should be attractive so, that the peoples click on your posts. Moreover you should also create unique titles for your posts for better rankings in search engines.

#7• Write Useful and Evergreen contents

Content is still the King. People will only visit your blog if they were getting useful contents from your blog. You should also create evergreen posts because that will always bring traffic to your blog. So, you should take time and make useful and evergreen contents for your posts.

#8• Optimize your blog for Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way for getting traffics. Traffics from search engines like Google, Bing etc. are more valuable than getting traffic from any other source. SEO can boost your blog traffics and also your earnings. So, take more time on SEO for getting better results for your site.

#9• Display related posts

Displaying related posts are having many benefits. It will not only increase your traffic but will also increase your bounce rate. So, you should display minimum 3 related posts for getting better results for your site.

#10• Adwords

In the beginning and once the blog was 4 months old (and before adding any ads on it), I also used adwords to get direct visits from Google. It cost me to run the campaigns but it was another opportunity to promote the content, get more subscribers, get more users for the tools and increase the number of repeating visitors.

#11• Blog Commenting

When the traffic gradually increased to a few thousands per month I also started receiving comments for the posts. I decided to have a very strict comment policy (I still do) because I wanted to avoid spam or comments that added no value to the content.

I didn’t approve any comments that included links or that were made for the purpose of getting a link or added no real value to the page. This may have helped in the long run because I never had to delete content from a page because it was spam or not related to the post.

#12• Mobile friendly

Long before Google decided to promote mobile friendly websites, I noticed that the mobile searches were increasing more than the desktop thus contributing to a large part of traffic and income. Although my website theme was not responsive, I created a responsive version and that contributed to a further increase in the organic traffic coming from mobile.

#13• Link Building or lack of it

I deliberately did not discuss about link building yet because this is not a practice I followed for Calorie Secrets. It may sound strange but that’s the case. I started the blog right after the release of Panda 3.5 and Penguin and the last thing I wanted was to get a Google penalty.

That’s why I decided to concentrate more on the content, tools and apps (as described above) and less or almost nothing on building links. I did do a couple of guest posts in high quality websites but that’s about it.

The blog has a decent amount of incoming links which is the result of natural links created by other bloggers and websites in the niche and this is something that definitely played a big role in the traffic increase (especially the organic traffic).