Great SEO Tips For Google in 2015Today’s Big Question – “How you can improve your Keywords’ Google Ranking for making your website get more organic traffic?”

Here you will be able to know answer to not only this question, but all your questions regarding search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords ranking by going through this article properly.

This Perfect SEO Tips article will provide you killer SEO Tips which will help you to improve your keywords rankings in Google Search Engine.

Getting more organic traffic is one of the deadly goals for all search engine optimizers (SEO).

For getting more search engine organic traffic, you will have to do plenty of hard work and at the same time you will have to do many other search engine optimization (SEO) things perfectly.

If you are not getting your website in Google top rankings with your selected keywords, then do not be sorry.

Every search engine optimizers (SEOs) may not get success immediately. Many search engine optimizers (SEOs) struggling for 2 years and more to achieve desired success. There are some search engine optimizers (SEOs) who often stay confused in choosing between right and wrong things to achieve success.

So, here are Killer SEO Tips To Be #1 on Google in 2015 :-

Keyword Research is Important :-

You may be thinking to rank for different keywords, but may not be thinking about the competition. Some keywords can be very hard to rank just because some of the top blogs may be also trying to rank for the same.

It is that’s why important that you should try to rank for keywords which are not very competitive. You should try to rank for competitive keywords only if you have been easily able to rank for keywords having less and medium competition.

According to me, one should first start blogging and then think about keywords ranking in future. If you’ll from the start think about ranking for different keywords, then you may never get success.

Proper Title for Blog Posts :-

I see many newbies making the mistake of not having proper title for their blog posts. Please remember that you won’t be able to rank for keywords or may not be able to maintain the ranking if your blog post’s title is not a proper one.

You should always try to include the keyword in the blog post title. If you won’t have the keyword in your blog post title, then achieving good search engine ranking can be very hard. At the same time you should try to have nothing more than 60 characters in your blog post title.

Very long titles are of no use and that’s why I’ll recommend you to avoid them completely.

Description Plays an Important Role :-

Always try to have proper description for all your blog posts. I have seen that my blog posts which have proper description rank better than blog posts which don’t have proper descrition.

A proper description is the one which includes not more than 160 characters and at the same time includes the keywords.

Your blog post description can be a very short summary about the blog post. Always try to keep the descrition as appropriate as possible as people may tend to land on your blog post just because of the appropriate descrition that you have used for your blog post.

Content Length and Quality Both Matters :-

You can’t expect your blog posts to rank if the quality is not good or if the content length is short.

I have seen that posts with more than 1500/2000 words rank much easily than posts having 500 or 800 words only. The main benefit of writing lengthy posts is that you’ll be to maintain the keywords ranking for a longer duration.

If you’ll regularly post good quality posts with minimum of 1000 to 1500 words, then competitors may not be able to outrank you easily.

You need to plan your posts, do proper keyword research and at the same time you need to keep improving the quality of content as it’ll be helpful in attracting more readers easily.

Image ALT Tags :-

If you’re looking forward to really rank your blog posts, then you shouldn’t miss out on making use of ‘ALT Tags’. You should always try to make use of keyword in the ALT tags as this can be definitely helpful in getting better keywords ranking.

Many bloggers miss out on making use of ALT tags which can definitely be one of the reasons that they may not be able to get good search engine rankings.

Internal Linking :-

Newbies think that internal linking is not very beneficial, but they’re wrong.

Internal linking is helpful as you’ll be able to get backlinks from your own blog as well as internal linking can help in getting better alexa ranking.

The day from which I started focusing on doing internal linking properly, it helped me in improving the bounce rate and at the same time I was able to get better ranking for various keywords.

While doing internal linking, always try to interlink related posts only. At the same time you should avoid interlinking to many old posts from a single blog post as the readers may find it boring. Too much internal linking can even harm your keywords ranking.

Build Backlinks By Commenting, Guest Posting Etc :-

Backlinks are very important as they will help you in getting better keywords ranking.

Commenting and guest posting on other blogs related to the same niche will provide your blog with good backlinks which will improve your keywords ranking.

When it comes to commenting you should always try to comment at related blogs only. You should do commenting regularly, but excessive commenting should be avoided as it may result in Google penalty.

I’ll advice you to always focus on natural link building as Google is against artificial and un-natural link building practices.

Get More Social Shares to Improve Keywords Ranking :-

In a previous post I made my blog readers know the tips to double social media traffic as social media marketing is very important.

If you want to get better keywords ranking in Google search engine, then you need to get more number of social shares.

You need to have your presence at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

For getting more number of social shares you need to share your posts at the right time. At the same time you need to adopt the best social media marketing strategies for getting maximum number of social shares.

Start Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords :-

There are many bloggers who have got lot of success just because of the reason that they have decided to target long-tail keywords only.

Ranking for long-tail keywords is easier than ranking for two to three words keywords having lot of competition.

You can make use of Long Tail Pro tool for finding out different long tail keywords. This tool has helped many bloggers in getting lot of traffic by targeting variety of long tail keywords.