Solid & Weak Points Of Digital MarketingThe world is changing completely towards digital marketing, we are finding highest number of people are using mobiles (smartphones), tabs and shopping, marketing are happening online.

Based on your product or service for sale, Target audience and their Geography it is better to choose whether to go for conventional marketing or digital marketing.

But in a span of coming 10 years there will be the highest number of companies will use Digital marketing as their core marketing activities.

It is better to implement digital marketing and conventional marketing methods in a company’s marketing strategy because it will give better results.

So, here are Pros and Cons of conventional Vs Digital Marketing which will help you to decide:-

Pros of conventional Marketing:

Communication in Reality: In conventional marketing, promotions, branding, awareness or marketing strategies happen in real world communication manner. People can really feel and experience about the products and services. Even they can refer or get referred by their friends.

Selling happens by Meeting: Selling of products or services happen through meeting unlike online. As per the consumer buying behavior once we meet and experience something from a salesman we prepare ourselves to buy the product or service. Even from the salesman point of view they can convince the customer once they can meet them.

Short Term results: Results for the conventional marketing implementation are quick. We can experience the results soon. According to the results we can refine our marketing strategies.

Pros of Digital Marketing:

Now let us go through the Pros of Digital marketing.

Maximum Exposure: As per the statistics we have seen in my earlier post, the usage of the Internet and social media is very high. Hence, there will be a maximum exposure or wider reach for the promotions can happen online.

Community Building: In social media, you can build your own business community or you can engage yourself in existing business communities where you can discuss, post or reach your target audience even sometimes it happens to sell your product or service.

Cost Effective: Social media promotions or online advertisement is cost effective as compare to the conventional marketing promotions. In less cost, you can reach highly probable of the target audience.

High Engagement: Online or in Social media marketing you can keep interaction or engage your customers with high levels so that you can understand their needs well and sell your product or services that suits.

Measurable and refine strategy: As the complete process happens online, so you can measure, track the audience traffic and their behavior over your website. There are different tools which provide different statistics and metrics by which you can check or analyze where you are going wrong in your strategy and accordingly you can refine your strategy.

Viral: Digital marketing is viral marketing. It spreads very quickly through social media and other online mediums.

Cons of conventional Marketing:

Costly: conventional Marketing is very costly. To reach the maximum number of audience you have to spend a lot on your promotional strategies, where as in digital marketing it is very less.

One Way: conventional Marketing is not interactive, engagement levels of your prospects are very less as compared to the digital marketing methods like in social media platforms.

Hard to Measure: It is very difficult to measure the traffic, audience statistics. It makes difficult for a marketer to redefine their strategies unless until they can analyze the statistics.

Forced promotion: conventional marketing promotions happen forcibly, For Ex: We have to watch the advertisement on TV even if you do not like it.

Cons of Digital marketing:

Time consuming: In digital marketing it takes a lot of time to get results. It is really difficult to achieve the results in quick session. It consumes lot of time to render the results as compared to the conventional marketing.

Not in Reality communication: Customers can’t feel or experience their product while buying online. Even trust levels are down as compared to buying the product in a shop. As per the consumer buying behavior, we love to feel and experience the product before purchase, but it is not possible if you buy online.

Not accessible: Digital marketing may not work in the areas where there is no Internet connectivity, such as in the rural India. Where the internet connectivity is lower as compared to the cities.