Google AdWords or Facebook AdsFacebook Advertising and Google Adwords. One is the biggest social network in the world and the second one is king of search engine; Google.

Comparing the Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords businesses the chance to see what is going to be most valuable for their business. It may be Facebook, it may be Google Adwords or in truth, it could well be both.

Facebook advertising works on a CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mile) model and allows businesses to target users via Geographic location, demographic, lifestyle and contextual advertisement.

Google Adwords works on a CPC, text and image based model and allows business to target users via Geographic location, keywords and contextual advertisement.

As you can see below, the both work on a basic ad design however, Facebook Advertisement is cheaper than Google Adwords in regards to how much a user should spend on an ad campaign. Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords Ad Design

The average advertisement cost for Facebook Advertisement is £0.49 CPC and the average advertisement cost for Google Adwords is £1.53.

If you are looking to generate business, Google Adwords is more suitable for your business however, if you want to improve your online profile and branding, Facebook Advertising is the better option for you.

Facebook advertising doesn’t allow for keyword ad advertisement however Google Adwords does.Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords Demographics

If you are choosing an advertisement platform based on their revenue, then Google Adwords is the better choice, making £10.33 billion in the last quarter of 2014 compared to Facebook’s revenue of £1.43 billion.Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords External Destination URLFacebook Ads Vs Google AdWords Sales Cycle

Based on the above information, which advertising platform are you going to use for your business? Full infographics are here:-Facebook Advertisements Vs Google Display NetworkFacebook Advertisement  Vs Google Adwords

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