SEO Tools for Website AnalysisThere are many SEO/Website Analysis tools in the market that can keep your time and efforts.

On the other side various Website Analysis tools are available that are a waste of money.

SEO tools or software comes in many forms and sizes, from keyword research tool & rank-checking tools to complete-service solutions that control links, website’s keywords, competitive intelligence, rankings, social platform integration, and workflow rights and activity.

Here is the trendiest SEO tool for 2015. They all are the times, saving and very helpful to boost search engine ranking faster. Using an SEO software platform can bring efficiency and output while dropping the time and faults involved in managing organic search operations. Webmasters get all the necessary details by these tools. Here are the details about the most popular free tools together with paid tools:

Google Keyword Planner: A Beginner Keyword Research Tool
If you are talking about world biggest, useful and free SEO tool, then you can think about the Google keyword planner which is all in one SEO tool of 2015. By using the tool, you can get details about any keyword research, country wise search, competitions and many more. It is an external keyword suggestion tool offered through Google Adwords.

When you are initiating PPC and learning about how to use Google Adwords, this tool is quite a fine way to set up a basic list of keyword idea for the website.

When you enter a keyword or phrase, the free Adword keyword tool gives back a list of results including of relevant keyword, additional traffic details. After that you have to organize them into a usable, actionable form.

Wordstream: Get More Details About the Tool
The Wordstream is the best and most relevant keyword finder tools which are designed to help search marketers with keyword suggestions, keyword search, keyword grouping, analysis of keyword and long-tail keyword suggestion and negative keyword discovery.

Keyword collection in Wordstream offers marketers the power to manage paid and organic search efforts with a more efficiency, relevancy, cost-efficiency and self-assurance. Merging the works and capabilities of the most excellent keyword tools in the market; our keyword tools excel your basic SEO keyword tools.

• Free Keyword Niche Finder
• Free Keyword Grouper
• Negative Keyword Tool
• PPC Keyword Tools

Google Webmaster Tools: Beginner’s Guide to Use
Google Webmaster Tool is a free service tool provided by Google, which is helpful for you to first understand what’s going on with your site. Know how GWT works? Webmasters can check the indexing status and optimize visibility of a website. GWT help webmasters to submit and check sitemap, crawl rate and robots.txt file and blocked pages in it. User can also check broken link status and internal/external pages linked to the site. Googling is also making it simple to test sites for crawling issue with Fetch and Render, a URL retrieval feature that gives webmasters screenshots of how a web page appears to Googlebot and a usual reader. Claim Blog/Website at is the top most important tool to check a website ranking. Every blogger needs to improve the ranking of their website because it shows the authority of your blog & website. has a resource called Alexa Traffic Rankings. Alexa has its own working system that index a new website in their database but submitting a website manually is the best way to improve Alexa ranking. Claim your website/blog on by creating a free/paid account for it. Tool to Research Competitors Keywords
Each and every SEO tool work differently and they have a specific task to perform. SEMRUSH tool is one of them available in both free and paid versions. The tool is used to find keywords of competitors, it also finds those keyword which is driving traffic to a website. This tool helps you to find keyword of any website is ranking for, it also gives more statistical information regarding to that keywords which you can rank for.

By using SEMRUSH tool, you are able to find keywords which are driving more traffic to your competitor’s website. So you can write high quality content related to those keywords and get good result for target keyword in the niche. Link Building Tool Analysis is a collection of tools that contain a high index of active links. There is a free and paid versions are available on By using this tool, you can get details of referring pages, total backlinks, crawl page, referring domain, do follow/no follow links, new/lost links and SERP analysis under site explorer section.

SEO PowerSuite: An SEO Key that Gets the Entire Job Done
Each tool helps you in the different field of SEO & website management. SEO PowerSuite is the most complete set of useful SEO tool. This tool is helpful in to get & maintain top position in any search engine. SEO PowerSuite is the set of 4 software based tools. Now have a look at the four tools within the SEO PowerSuit and their work:

Rank Tracker:
Rank tracker is a useful keyword research tool. It will keep track of your keyword ranking. The tool finds where your website ranks with the help of your website keywords. You have to enter the website when you start up the tool. Accordingly, it will generate a list of keywords on the basis of Google analytics data and what your site is optimized for.

Website Auditor:
Website Auditor is capable of telling you more details about the website. It completely scans your website and if any errors have it finds and gives details. So you can fix that issue on your site. Website Auditor does a deep analysis of your website, including the title tag, specific pages, and content etc. And gives a complete overview of that.

SEO Spyglass:
The SEO Spyglass tool is a powerful backlink analysis tool. It will give complete information about back links. You can get percentage of .com links, root domain linking to your website, and more by the statistics button on the tool.


LinkAssistant is designed for creating a link exchange. It will gather any contact information about the possible link opportunities that you select and give you the alternative to email them a link request.

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