SEO Friendly Content 2015May be you have think that SEO is dead. But NO, SEO is not dead. SEO still alive in SEO Friendly Content.

For companies, you still need SEO in 2015 if you want to get more organic traffic for your website. And by now, you probably heard about creating unique content, etc.

Yes, unique content do work — but does it takes a long time to achieve that?

For any business, promotion is its integral part. In this age when online business promotion is as important as offline, content marketing plays a crucial role.

However, most of the business owners are not fully aware of its potential, and if they know its importance, they do not understand how to use this technique to their advantage. Content marketing is not just publishing at regular intervals; it has much more to it.

Search Engine Optimizers are always puzzled; they are told to humanize their content and this would usually make any SEO practice harder. For example, reaching 2 to 5% of exact keyword match in a content is hard.

Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content

Here are some of the SEO tips you will discover in this post:

Performing keyword research
Finding the right content
Turning the content into a super shareable content
Spreading the words around like wild fire

How to do keyword research for SEO in 2015?

Banging your luck on a set of keywords is like playing shares; you will not know the outcome until it is the end of the day (and, in this case, where SEO is in play, you would only see the effect after a few days or weeks).

In keyword research, you need to focus on two things:

Finding the right keywords
Getting your keywords ranked on search engines

Part 1: What do the right keywords mean?

It all starts with a general niche. This means that the topic need to be a general search term for many such as:

search engine optimization
search traffic

Once that is done, scale down to a more specific keyword niche such as:

search engine optimization tips for beginners
SEO tips in 2015
getting search traffic

Part 2: The best keyword research tools to find for quality keywords

There are several free and paid tools you can use. Here are some examples of them. Depending on your requirements, you may need to opt for a premium keyword tool for better (and faster) search ranking.

Here is a list of SEO keyword research tools I use on a daily basis:

1. Google Keyword Planner


Free to use
Accurate (to a certain extent)
Fast and lightweight


Limited advanced features for keyword research
Doesn’t show the competition level (how easy to rank on search engines)

2. Long Tail Pro


Ability to find domains available for purchase based on keywords
Integrated with Moz
Search up to 10 keywords simultaneously
The lightest weight among all premium keyword research tools
Ability to perform research based on Page Rank, Domain age and local search results


Costs money (price starts at $97 per license) — Because you are my lovely reader, you will automatically get a $20 discount if you use this link
On older computers, Long Tail Pro is likely to crash (unresponsive)
Would require multiple IP addresses to avoid temporary ban on Google search

3. Market Samurai


One of the most advanced tool for keyword search (rich in features)
Deep analysis of the specific keywords
Ability to search multiple projects for future usage


More expensive compared to other premium keyword tools
Able to search only a limited number of keywords at the same time
Market Samurai is said to work slower than Long Tail Pro

Part 3: How to rank your keywords on Google search?

You may be using the best keyword tool you can ever buy with money. But trust me, you may not be able to rank it on the first page of Google if you using the wrong SEO techniques.

Here are some bite-size tips you can use to find the best keywords for any SEO campaigns of yours:

Over 500 to 1,500 exact-match per month
Not overly long (5 words are already considered long)
Blog post should be optimized for the chosen keyword (between 3 – 5% density)
Headings and formats are used for the specific keyword (bold, italic, H1, H2, etc)

Content Marketing Tips 2015

Draw a plan and stick to it

To get maximum advantage of content marketing is to develop a content marketing plan and stick to it. You need to produce content regularly and publish it according to a preplanned schedule.

It is better to have a weekly or monthly plan having proper time for brainstorming, research, writing, and publishing. Also, devise plan for each social media platform that you want to target. Your blog is an important channel for information to your customers, so get ideas in advance to create impactful posts.

Focusing the target audience

Irrespective of the kind of business you are running, there is a kind of audience that you are targeting. So, your content should be focused around the interests and needs of that target audience. Unless you fulfill the expectations and needs of your target audience, you won’t be getting any result.

You should ask yourself a few questions like who you are your potential customers. Who can read your content and what will they gain from it? How will you convert those visitors to your customers? Answering such questions will help you develop an actionable content.

Create an engaging content

It is not enough just to write an article. In fact, you need to write an engaging article so that your readers can connect with you. If you present a boring article, your visitors will leave the article only after a few sentences. Here you can make use of the visual content such as images, infographics video, etc. to break the text. It gives readers time to digest the information in bits.

Promote the content

Writing and publishing your content is just one part of your content marketing campaign. The major part is promoting the content. It is very crucial to pick a few social media platforms to promote your content. In addition, you need to evaluate the results of the promotion. You need to see what’s working for you and what not.

If you are getting traffic from a particular social media platforms, you should focus on them and abandon those that are failing in bringing results but demanding equal efforts. Just follow a 20:80 rule that says, spend 20% of your time in producing the content and 80% in promoting it. Also, when you publish one post on your own blog, try to publish 3-4 to other blogs.

Develop a variety of content types

These days, you have option to experiment with different types of content forms. At one time, you can create a written post for your blog, other time, you can do a podcast or a video tutorial or an infographic.

One important tip to understand here is that you should work on your strength but for other skills; it is better to outsource it to get the best work done.

Content ideas

You need to think out the kind of content you want to create such as you can publish how-to content, or entertaining, inspiring content, personal stories, latest trends, news and more.

Since content marketing is an ongoing activity, you cannot run out of ideas. You need grab ideas from wherever you can. For instance, you can set up Google alerts, subscribe to blogs and magazines in your field of interest, get what people are talking about in your community.

Be patient

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, so do not look for instant gratification. It requires constant efforts to reap good quality results. It is important to have regular updates, monitoring, and analyzing to take the best course of action.

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