SEO Tips & Tricks 2015If you are able to think of not one keyword, but several dozen different three- to five-word keyword combinations that work equally well to describe your website’s landing page and are not sure which one is the best choice for your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you’re not alone in digital world :).

“How do I…” and “How to…” are painfully similar. How do you choose best keywords for your landing page whether to call it “Backpacking Europe,” “How to Backpack in Europe,” or “European Backpacking Tips” when all three describe your landing page equally? How do you know which one will reverberate best with your target market and land the SERP position, traffic, and conversions you’re looking for?

Keyword Research Tips & Tricks:-

How will you plan and create content for your websites unless you have a decent amount of keywords? Okay, here’s what you will do. First of all, go sign up for a free tool called the Google Keyword Planner. Now you must look around and familiarize yourself nicely with this handy little Google adwords tool, because it is the best free keyword research tool for business and chances are that you are going to use it a lot in your keyword research.

Put in your chosen into the first column that says, ‘search for new keyword and ad group ideas’ and select the category from the 3rd column. Now hit the button that says, ‘search ideas’. You will be taken to a new page that has a huge list of keywords, but if you look closely you notice that you have 2 options; the first is ad group ideas and the second is keyword ideas. Pick the second option and you will see the list of keywords that are related to your.

The best part is that you not only have a list of keywords but you also have additional vital information like the volume of searches being conducted every month for each of them and also the advertiser competition and the approximate CPC (cost per click) that you will be paying to bid on it.

Obviously the CPC of each keyword is different and sometimes you might find a huge variation between the CPC amounts. Why is that? To understand this, and let me remind you, it is crucial to understand this if you want to earn how to set up websites and how to do keyword research for them.

CPC and Keyword Research

When you pick a keyword, there could be a variety of phrases and words that relate to it. For example, let’s take up a keyword like ‘online business’ for illustration. There could be a hoard of words and phrases related to it like, the best online businesses, online business scams, start online business free, online business magazines, starting a online business etc.

But look at these kewyords now from an advertiser’s point of view. Will you bid on a keyword like start online business free, if you are looking to sell some paid information/ service that teaches people how to start an online business?

No you wouldn’t. Because if you did, you would get only those folks who are looking for free stuff and they are not going to pay you a single dime even if you promised them a million dollar successful online business model.

Targeting the Right Keywords for Websites

So by now you understand how important it is to have a clear idea of how all this works. Monetization of websites can be done in many ways, but each money making method that you choose should be backed up with lot of research and planning.

Scenario #1- Monetization with Google AdSense

If you plan to monetize your websites with Google AdSense, you must focus on the CPC values of the keywords that you pick.

If you focus on a keyword that brings in lots of organic traffic but is of no value in terms of CPC, your targeting is not on track.

On the other hand, in this case you must choose keywords that ensure a neat amount per click and also bring in good traffic from search engines.

Scenario #2- Monetization With Affiliate Marketing

This is the monetization method of choice of majority of the websites around and if that is so in your case too, you should focus on getting traffic more than anything else. If you focus on CPC here and in the process overlook traffic pulling keywords, then that would be a great loss.

Scenario #3- Monetization By Advertisements and Sponsorship

Many websites have focused on doing this and are successful too. But for that your website needs to be something more than the other websites in the same catagory. What does your website have that other’s don’t? Well, that is your USP (unique selling point) and it is your USP that attracts private ads and sponsors to your websites.

This is also the most profitable website monetization method by far. You probably have heard the saying that ‘You get what you pay for’ and it is absolutely true in this case. Do not expect to make millions using free and cheap keyword research tools. If you want to make money with websites, then here’s the secret.

Do you see results that offer products and services similar to yours? Do you see highly competitive big brands in the top ten? Do you see ten results that have nothing to do with your content?

If you see results that offer products and services similar to yours

That’s good! That means you’re in the right space. Now look at who else is ranking for your keyword phrase. Who are your competitors for the top ten, or top three? What are they doing? What language are they using? One key to beating your competitors in the SERPs is doing more things right than them, so take some time to think about what the website in the spot you want is doing well and what they’re neglecting. Do they have the keyword phrase in their Title, Description, and body copy? Sometimes you have to click on all ten links to get a 360-degree idea of where you stand.

To get an even more detailed view of how competitive your keyword phrase is do a Google search for “Allintitle:keyword” where keyword is your keyword phrase. This will tell you how many web pages include this exact phrase in their Title tag, which will give you an idea of how many other web pages are optimizing for that exact phrase.

If you don’t see results that offer products and services similar to yours

Sometimes keyword phrases can mean two totally different things depending on who you ask. If you perform a search for your keyword phrase and see returned results that have nothing to do with your content, or what you thought the keyword phrase was asking for, then you have uncovered a keyword phrase with two meanings.

Do you see highly authoritative big brands in the top ten?

I know your mother always told you to never give up, but…sometimes you have to know when to fold ’em if the competition for a keyword phrase is just too steep. The number of clicks-throughs you’re going to see actively decays with every position you move away from spot number one, so if you have a slim to none chance of beating Adobe, Wacom, and Microsoft for spots one, two, and three I would recommend you spend your time targeting a different keyword phrase that you have a chance to rank highly for.

You will have see more traffic and conversions ranking number one for a keyword phrase that has 1,500 monthly searches, than being in spot 15 for a keyword phrase that has 10,000 monthly searches.

Long Tail Keywords and Website Success

The secret to having a successful business is to find, focus and monetize long tail keywords of your catagory. What does long tail mean? long tail refers to those products that are less popular but have more selling capacity.

Big picture, the idea is to have extremely targeted keyword phrases that have a high search volume and low competition mix. In the most basic terms, this means — in a perfect world — your keyword phrases describes your content accurately, a lot of people are searching for the exact phrase, and there aren’t a lot of authoritative competitors who are also optimizing for that exact phrase.

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