Tips For Mobile Apps in 2015Digital Marketing professionals are now discovering the power of mobile marketing and its impact to businesses.

Now Mobile apps are definitely here to stay. Experts advise, however, that getting too comfortable with a mobile strategy and not adapting in the ever changing app market is a recipe for disaster.

This is the hottest thing now, with everyone keeping their mobile phones close when it comes to doing business.

Some studies have shown that this type of marketing is easier to engage with targeted audience not to mention get incredible response rates.

If you want the juice of mobile marketing, you need to know how to do it right, and this means understanding how to write a good and engaging message for targeted users. You also need to understand how to get creative with the design. Here are few tips for mobile marketing and predictions for mobile apps that will prove very helpful in your marketing efforts.

5 Tips For Successful Mobile marketing in 2015

#1: Build your Audience
Before you jump start the process, the very first thing is building a list of people you are looking to send the message to. What you need to do is put up a sign-up form on your website in order to collect phone numbers and names, get details of attendees of your future events, and purchase reputable lists of numbers. It can also be helpful if you designed a mobile marketing campaign where you encourage your fans to text so that they can win instant prizes.

#2: Personalize your particular efforts
Fine, you have a number of customers who have given you permission to send them messages in your mobile marketing campaign. But remember that you need to personalize your efforts if you are to keep them interested. When you send uninteresting offers, your customers may likely start opting-out. Send relevant information that you think appeals to their lifestyle and you will be happy to begin seeing rewards flowing in.

#3: Be Flexible when messaging
It’s not always likely that you will get your mobile marketing spot on the first time. You should therefore be flexible with the content, style, as well as the tone in order to achieve the best results. Go ahead and try sending the messages at different times of the day or even consider segmenting your subscriber list so that you can test different offers. Also, keep researching your targeted audience in order to get a glimpse of what offers appeal to them best.

#4: Always play it safe
You want to reach as many customers as you can with mobile marketing campaign. What you may not realize, however, is that many of them wouldn’t be excited with the message if you haven’t borrowed permission from them. Don’t hesitate to ask whether they want to receive the texts or not, and then go ahead and text about your offers.

#5: Have your Business Name as the Sender ID
Your sender ID is what tells your audience who the message is from. In order to make the most out of it, suggest your business name as the ID, something that you are allowed to do by most SMS providers.

5 Tips For Mobile Apps in 2015

#1: Mobile Apps Will Become More Targeted
Mobile apps used to be multipurpose, but as time goes on, experts predict that apps will become more targeted towards specific needs and services. People will begin using apps as tools, for specific functions. With app stores becoming crowded and users spoiled for choice, they’ll be choosing apps that are as specific as possible.

#2: Mobile App & Mobile Website Debate Will Finally End
Mobile accounts for 51% of all time spent online. Both are important! Even today there is still a debate amongst marketers as to whether a mobile website or a mobile app is best for small business’ marketing. And what do we think? We think both are extremely important! Mobile apps are great for customer loyalty and customer retention. For a small business, this is extremely important as 80% of their sales will come from their best 20% of customers. Mobile websites are also important for new customer acquisition through Google Searches.

#3: Mobile Apps Will Have a Larger Role In Marketing
Number of smartphone visits are nearly 2x those of desktop. As time goes on mobile apps will allow business owners to utilize them in a way that they can’t achieve through social media or the web, by targeting consumers based on their location, interest, and more. With functions like photo sharing, messaging, loyalty programs, push notifications, and other features, businesses can utilize mobile apps to promote their business like never before.

#4: Mobile Apps Will Be More Plentiful
With more mobile apps being developed for businesses of every size, and being used in marketing more often, it only makes sense that there will be more of them. In addition, the cost and time needed to create a mobile app has been drastically reduced due to app builders like Bizness Apps. Rather than a novelty or a perk offered by a business, apps are becoming an integral part of running a company, and customers are coming to expect all the businesses they work with to have an app.

#5: Mobile App Communication Will Become More Frequent
Mobile app developers are now working hard to find the right balance with it comes to communication with its users. No matter how many users you have, it’s important to communicate regularly with them, to find out what works for them, what doesn’t, and how you can best assist them. Push notifications are a great way to communicate with users and we expect to see more of this.

Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with businesses of every size and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. These predictions are all great ways to find out what the customer expects from mobile apps and more importantly, your business.

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