Google To Shut Down GTalkOn 16th Febrauary 2015, you’ll have to Bye Bye and make the switch from Google’s Gtalk messenger platform to its Hangout – Chrome (whether they like it or not).

But all this is going to change with Google planning to shut down Gtalk on February, and users will now have to port to the new hangout platform irrespective of whether they like it or not.

Google has completely cut off the support for the desktop application hinting at the end of Gtalk.

Millions of users have been using the Gtalk worldwide for long time and they’ve become so comfortable with it that moving away has never been considered. So, Google has decided to force users by shutting down Gtalk once and for all.

Hangout is the future for Google (so they seem to think) and hence taking down Gtalk is the most logical thing that the search-engine giant can do now.

Signs of Gtalk going down became obvious when Google decided to cut support (security and version) for the desktop application bringing its end closer to reality.

As highlighted by Google the ‘IM service will be wholly replaced by the Hangouts app, which can used only via its Chrome web browser.

Gtalk will breathe its last on February 16 and whoosh! Like all good things, Gtalk will become history (just like how Orkut has been).

Hangout hasn’t been openly liked by all users but with phone-tablet-PC integration becoming need of hour (something Microsoft has tried with Windows 10), the transition was bound to happen sooner than later.

WhatsApp has now moved to PCs as well and that has made Gtalk all the more redundant (not many would agree to that), so with Hangout Google wants to make instant messaging; interactive and visual appealing experience.

Gtalk was still preferred by Google users as it came with a simplistic no frills user interface that went down easily with both novices and geeks.

Just like the age old saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, even the Gtalk will be replaced by Hangouts.

Bye Bye Gtalk, we’ll always remember than message alert tone and the simplicity of the chat interface (remember that bubbles?).

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