Google Toolbar PageRank ShutdownGoogle’s John Mueller said in a video Google+ hangout yesterday that Google will probably not be updating Google Toolbar pagerank in the future.

We will probably not going to be updating it [PageRank] going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank.

December 6, 2013 was the last time we had a Google Toolbar PageRank update , that was over 10 months ago – not as long as a Penguin refresh (which is way more important) but still, significant.

Last Google Toolbar PageRank update in December 2013 seems that people have been hanging onto the fact that they are still boasting their PageRank score and in many cases, using the metric as an effort to sell web links from their site despite that practice breaking Google Guidelines.

Although the toolbar figure was well-known for not being 100% up to date, previously it was believed that the data shown related to the authority score that Google gave a site within the last 3 months, however that quickly become a buying and selling metric on the link marketplace.

Toolbar PageRank is the public form of Google’s PageRank search ranking score. It had the appellation “toolbar” because it was first revealed as a part of the Google Toolbar available as a browser add on.

Over the last couple of years, Google has already been updating PageRank less frequently. In fact, it’s not even been updated this year at all. The last update came in December.

Even before that, Google had given indication that it wouldn’t update it before the end of last year, if at all, though it ultimately did. By that point, many had assumed Toolbar PageRank was going away because it had been so long since the previous update after years of regularity.

Of course Mueller is incorrect in that it’s been over a year, but he seems to be under the impression that Toolbar PageRank is dead. He wasn’t exactly making an announcement, but discussing it in relation to somebody’s question about a particular site’s rankings, so it’s probably not out of the realm of possibility that an another update could sneak through, but it sounds like it’s not going to happen.

There was one more update that December, but Googlers said that came out by accident during some database maintenance.

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