Black-Hat-SEO-MythsIn a start-up business the owners together have to be the expert of all trade? Furthermore, if the start-up business is associated to the digital world, then you will be flooded with the plenty of Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) suggestions.

That time you have to be very careful before hiring a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) for your dream business’ online presence platform mean your business website.

List of SEO myths

We read and learnt quite a lot, and got fooled by the myths created around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which did hurt more often than not. Thus to prevent my friends from hurting their website, I have made a list of 9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) myths you should beware of.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Dead

A popular perception being created is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dead. Traditionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technique of making the site helpful for search engines to read it. Some experts started to exploit the technique and created black hat tricks. Overtime, these tricks took over the original techniques, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) started being referred to as these black hat tricks.

Search engines have now improved their algorithm and these black hat tricks don’t work any more. But the pure form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which only aims at aiding search and not fooling it is still active.

Avoid Guest Blogging.

Yes, is it. The article submission sites are dead. Article submission sites are relatively easy to get back link on. The same old rule applies here. It is it is easy to get, it will not work.

However, you should try to guest blogs on forums and platform that are controlled by humans. Try targeting your niche segment. Also, nicely written blog will give you referral traffic and re-tweet which again is very effective form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Submit your website on high PR Directory will get you quality back links

The one rule we followed was, if it is easy to get the back link, it will not work. Same is with directories. The effort involved in getting the back link from a directory is very less. Hence, it will not be as effectively as you expect, even if the PR is high. However, do submit your sites to relevant directories and if they are in the niche segment of the industry you target.

Selecting Meta Keyword Correctly is important

You need not spend much time on it. In fact, you need not spend time at all on meta keyword. No big search engine uses meta keywords. Matt clearly specifies that meta keyword are of no use now. If you don’t believe me, check the top websites- life flipkart. Not many will have meta description.

Back links, Back links and More Back links

If you think back links are all you need to rank good on Google, you are still living in the 2000’s. What you will need is good quality back links i.e. back links from the relevant website. If you have a blog on photography, have back link from other blogs on photography will work much better than having the back links from blog on cooking. Also, when getting a back link, look into the 3 factors

Does it provide referral traffic?
Does it provide exposure to target audience?
How relevant it is to your business and your content?

If answers are not that then its a big NO for such back links.

SEO = Social Media Management

Social Media is important to improve your SEO. In fact, search engine results are highly influenced based on your Googleplus activities. However, social media can just be a part of your campaign. On-page and off-page activities are still as important.

I will optimize my site for All the search engine in the same manner

Search engines run on algorithm. Each search engine has a different algorithm. And the optimization techniques for these algorithms are often conflicting. Generally, website which performs well on Google is not able to perform well on yahoo or other engines. Focus on one search engine and try optimizing your website only for that.

Make the site for Google not for the Users

The main aim of all search engines it to provide the right site to its users when they search for it. The time spent your users on your website, the number of searches user makes after searching your website, the number of times the user selects your website on different searches, does let Google know of the experience the user is having. A bad experience will ultimately affect your rankings.

Lower the bounce rate the better it is

Bounce rate is now irrelevant. The last time I searched coupon for flipkart I landed on a web page which promised to give me the coupon code in its Title and meta description.

But once I opened the page, I couldn’t find the coupon code, but it directed me to another which page promised the same. And then another page. After 3 pages, I decided to give up. It was a bad experience for me, however managed to reduce its bounce rate.

I gained searched for the same, but this time I landed on the right page, got my coupon code, and closed the website even without making a click. Results- A happy visitor for the site, but a higher bounce rate.Hope this explains why bounce rate has become irrelevant.

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