Panda 4.0 Hits Search Engine Visibility Of Press Release SitesBy now, several of you’ve got learnt that Google has extended its Panda four.0 update. the most focus remains to refine the search results by family planning the poor quality and spammy websites. Google has really free 2 updates at the same time – the Panda four.0 and also the day Loan a pair of.0 update. you’ll be able to learn additional concerning the updates here “Google is rolling out Panda four.0 and day Loan algorithmic rule Updates”.

Interestingly, a number of the highest announcement sites, like the, BusinessWire, PRNewsWire and PR Log, have witnessed important visit their Google rankings and this is going on simply once the discharge of Panda four.0 update. ought to we tend to assume that the Panda four.0 is answerable for this visibility loss of the announcement sites? This unforeseen attack on a selected set of internet sites has semiconductor diode to plenty of speculation within the SEO world and things area unit simply indicating that will be Panda four.0 has hurt the visibility of the announcement sites.

SEL’s analysis victimisation searchmetrics confirms that every one these sites have lost important rankings within the program since the discharge of Panda four.0. of these high brands have lost nearly sixty to eighty p.c of their program visibility. Earlier, these sites were targeted round the sphenisciform seabird updates as they vastly gathered unnatural links and targeted anchor text for sites. However, this is often the primary time these announcement sites are targeted round the Panda update that indicates the degrading content quality.

Google has suggested over and once more to not use these sites for link building functions. within the recent past, the program has directly hit the content publication retailers like guest blogging to reduce unnatural link building. That raises another risk that this unforeseen visibility loss of the PR sites could also be an identical reasonably update, i.e. a manual action by the program and ultimately a results of the Panda update.

Whatever be the particular cause, the purpose to be noted is Google is incredibly specific concerning these announcement sites notwithstanding their origin. thus you wish to terribly careful whereas writing and publication press releases.

If you’ve got been writing associate degreed publication PRs with an aim to come up with additional backlinks for your SEO objectives, you must higher think about dynamic your strategy directly. This once fashionable link building strategy is totally superannuated currently. For best results, you’ll be able to even audit the locations of your recent press releases and obtain them deleted instantly if required.

Google is completely not indicating that press releases became purposeless. It’s simply that you just need to use them precisely the manner they’re meant to be used. you’ll be able to undoubtedly use the web press releases to supply info concerning your latest business updates, your new product/service or the other update associated with your business which will attract your potential customers.

And make sure that you choose many relevant and trustworthy sites for publication the update wherever you think that your potential client can scan the page. conjointly build it an area of your publication strategy to let others, publication on your web site, apprehend and follow your effort to abide by Google’s quality tips.

Basically, Google’s latest action is nothing however simply another example of its mission to evolve and refine the search results for its users. If you’re publication the announcement with its supposed purpose and your content is of prime quality with all the SEO practices in places, you are doing not have to be compelled to worry concerning your ranking.

Remember, it’s all concerning content quality currently. If the standard is nice, your web site can mechanically secure its position on the primary page of the search results.