100 Oldest Domain Names: List of World’s Oldest 100 Domain Names

100 Oldest Domain Names  - List of World’s Oldest 100 Domain NamesThere are over 140 million registered domain names worldwide but did you know what are the oldest names?

Domain names have been actually been available for 29 years – yes, before you even knew what a computer looked like.

The oldest domain name is Symbolics.com (registered in 1985) and most of the first 100 domains registered were brands like Xerox.com, HP.com, ATT.com, Adobe.com, Apple.com etc.

A hyphenated domain name even made #20 on the list (Bell-ATL.com).

How Much Were Domains in 1985?

STOP – STOP – STOP – Be prepared to cry now, Domain names were absolutely FREE until 1995.

All it took was a phone call back then to secure what could be a multi-million domain today. We know, they didn’t tell us this in college either.

Some people may guess great domains like sex.com, stocks.com, mortgage.com or another commercial product but you would lose that bet and be surprised.

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