Wordtracker Vs Google Keyword Planner ToolTalking about “Wordtracker Vs Google Keyword Planner” is like shooting yourself in the foot but at the same time it’s the right thing to do because every 2nd person who is optimizing his/her website (an SEO) is using Wordtracker without comparing its results with Google Keyword Planner. WordTracker stats are 100% fake and they are compiled to distort the online marketplace.

And now a funny thing 🙂 ; all online companies mentioning Wordtracker Tool in Job Descriptions of Job Postings, what kind of results they will get with the person who is using Wordtracker to optimize their websites for Google.

Today everybody, every SEO and every company want to optimize their website for Google, want to run their advertisement campaigns through Google and using Wordtracker Keyword tool to get the idea about their targeted keywords; simply WOW.

Simple points – All advertisements/campaign runs through Google Adwords are managed by 101% secured server, will you think any other tool in the world “I repeat, any tool in the world can fetch search calculation or figures from Google’s 100+% secured server or do you think Google will permit that”.

May be Wordtracker excuse that its using search figures of Overture.com, yahoo.com, Altavista.com, Hotbot.com & Baidu.com or any other search engine. Really, it can be good one excuse but here I want to ask to each and every SEO that who optimize website for these .COMs (these are not search engine either now where people search for real, genuine & organic results).

All the big SEO Companies have known this for years but enjoyed the fact that people used this information as it meant that those users would have no chance of become competitive in the marketplace.

Plus it meant that a SEO Company still has a valuable service to provide, by simply getting correct keywords.

If you are looking for keywords both Yahoo and Google provide direct access to their databases and keyword logs. These logs are 100% accurate and with the Google log it also tells you the click through rate of each term so you can tell if people are actually clicking on the results.

Google does provide exact details as the number of searches specific to the keyword you request. But unlike Yahoo its database only contains 7 days of search results, they are looking to increase this but we’ve not seen the need for this.

It also has nothing to do with the sandbox tools and other things that people talk about openly as this tool isn’t directly promoted by Google but is directly available from Google if you know what you’re doing.

Why is the CTR an issue, well since it’s the raw data we have found that some SEO Companies have inflated the results via automatic queries to the search engines.

They then use this info to show clients traffic trends that are just not true, but most of these SEO Companies promote WordTracker usage as they can easier control the results and never have to worry about their client’s success.

I would also love to have people post a list of all the WordTracker like keyword programs as its better to expose these programs as the frauds they are then letting people waste time and possible even money using them.

I also welcome all genuine comments on this article if anyone thinks it’s wrong conclusion or can give me big claps for right conclusion on right time 🙂

Search for “Shopping” keyword on both tools and compare yourself, see results below. (Click image to enlarge)

Fake Results Of Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool Results

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