Google Update Predictions 2014Last year 2013 was eventful year for Google once talking concerning updates. when Google destroyed any black hat SEO technique with Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird algorithms, in 2014 we have a tendency to square measure attending to watch the modification of the SEO definition.

Prior to 2011, SEO was all concerning ‘link building’ and ‘keyword stuffing’, after Google came with updates that valued a lot of the content and also the originality. Now, so as to stay in Google’s results, you need to provide an excellent user expertise. In different terms, natural link building is extremely inspired.

Next, we are going to attempt to answer a pair of queries that every and each on-line business owner is interested in:-

* What will Google prepares North American country for 2014?
* What on-line selling strategy ought to we’ve got, however will we have a tendency to be ready for these Google updates?

The king is dead, long live the king! Content :- Focusing on content it’s attending to be a lot of and a lot of vital. As told before, Google can worth a lot of the user’s expertise and valuable content can place you on prime of its results. the most effective issue to try and do has contemporary and quality content that sounds a lot of and a lot of real. Also, you must use caution with the writing system and descriptive linguistics. Content Driven SEO can take its place in prime SEO methods.

Mobile improvement. Responsive net style. :- As mobile devices’ quality grows, the websites got to adapt. Not solely that you just won’t get the most effective of your web site, however Google is estimate to penalise websites that aren’t mobile friendly or load slow on mobile devices. In 2014 mobile website speed can become Associate in Nursing freelance SEO issue, therefore if the web site isn’t designed right it’ll not rank high in smartphones computer program results.

Google and and Google +1 :- Even though Google and isn’t as standard as Facebook or Twitter, its importance to SEO is already accepted. Beside that, in 2014 we are going to see a better worth additional to the content that has Google and reviews and +1′s. Even more, an excellent SEO issue is to traffic jam your web log to your Google and account and establish Google authorship on your content. perhaps Facebook and Twitter can generate a lot of traffic, however Google and can place you higher in computer program Results Pages(SERP).

Smaller organic search results area :- AdWords is before long expected to start out exploitation “Visual Search Ads” so as to attain a better click through rate. owing to this truth the area of organic search results goes to shrink that the 1st and darling position on the SERP goes to be lower on the screen.

Blogging and guest blogging :- Google desires North American country to share a lot of and a lot of info of any kind (text, image, video), therefore original and fascinating web log posts can gain a lot of importance and can bring authority to your web site. The best length of a commentary remains disputable, it’s very concerning the topic. On an exploration created on the foremost infectious agent news in 2013, we have a tendency to discovered that short stories have up to five hundred words and a more-in-depth article has over 800 words however includes analytical options and case studies.

Social Media Moderation :- Social Media is maybe the most recent most significant SEO issue and everybody desires a bit of it. you most likely detected new websites that have all the social media pages doable with thousands of pretend followers and fewer than twenty posts. Google can do its best to disconsider the websites joined to those pages. Why? User experience! however may many pretend reviews assist you get the merchandise you would like or offer you the correct answer?

Improved linguistics searches :- If you don’t grasp that nevertheless, since apodiform bird, Google desires to grasp your wants. The results square measure supported your latest activities, places you visited, current location that the linguistics searches are going to be optimized most likely to arrange the expansion of voice search. It aims to vary words into entities, that have each a that means and attributes.

The future is predicated on data Graph :- Google is for good creating enhancements to the data Graph. Your web site should be structured and ready with made snippets therefore you’ll be able to stand out of the gang and take your home within the data Graph. this might be one among the foremost important improvement brought by Google that may boost your business. though it absolutely was launched in 2012 it had a refined look and it’s expected to rise this year. On an area term, having sensible reviews and ratings from sure sources can bring you on prime. Imagine however may that profit your business. Anyway, it’s a rumor that Google can insert Ads into the data Graph therefore we are able to expect that in 2014.

What you’ve learned in 2013 remains applicable, you only got to update

You must prepare your new SEO methods for 2014 as a result of though Google looks harmless , its updates can have a serious role in SERP’s. the most effective issue to try and do is to rent professionals to stay you safe and updated all the time. you must not attempt to trick Google, it’s going to work on the start, however it sure won’t last attributable to the permanent changes they carry.

Here square measure some tips you must contemplate for your on-line selling strategy in 2014:

· – Refresh your content, write real and fascinating articles, use photos and videos to stay the user interested.

· – Optimize the web site for mobile searches, in 2013 the mobile searches had a growth of a hundred and twenty fifth once desktop searches had solely V-day.

· – attempt to keep updated to the Google news, you’ll have a chance to urge highlighted on the SERP.

· – Invest more cash in SEO and PPC activities as a result of they’ll have a serious role in your business.

· – don’t attempt gathering an excellent variety of backlinks from untrusted domains. Fewer and higher is that the right thanks to have it off.

· – keep active on your social media pages, particularly on Google and, however keep it natural.

Looking back, {we can|we will|we square measure able to} all see that directions the trends are heading to, therefore we are able to alter our methods for the years to come back. Hopefully, with white hat methods and correct attention to our priorities we are able to improve our on-line visibility for 2014 and perhaps additional.

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