Tips To Handle Google Penguin Panda & Hummingbird Algorithm Update 2014It has been associate improbably eventful year in terms of updates from Google. Major 2013 changes enclosed additional releases of Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird retreating, and also the shift off from providing keyword knowledge due to encrypted search.

Many have gone thus far on raise whether or not SEO as a profession is dead: for one attention-grabbing perspective, see my recent Forbes interview with SAM Roberts of VUDU selling. my very own take is a smaller amount alarmist: Google has taken major spam-fighting steps that have shifted the enjoying field for SEO professionals and anyone attempting to urge their website on the map within the year ahead.

At identical time, the requirement for an internet presence has ne’er been stronger, whereas the landscape has ne’er been a lot of competitive. The potential to create a true ROI impact together with your company’s on-line selling initiative is larger than ever. however defaulting to alleged “gray hat” ways now not works. Instead, SEO professionals ought to accelerate and embrace a a lot of sturdy vision of our space of experience.

You might decision it a move from deviser to strategist: the most effective and most prospering players in our area can work to anticipate Google’s next Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird moves and reply to them with optical device focus. In a sense, the infinite digital game of chess that’s SEO can continue, however the foundations of the sport became a lot of advanced.

Through a mixture of what i am perceptive and reading and what i am seeing figuring out within the field these days for my shoppers, here square measure some suggestions for firms and SEO professionals that square measure thinking ahead to 2014 for his or her digital ways.

Everything You Learned in 2013 continues to be Relevant, simply Amplified

When you look closely at the targets of the 2013 updates (ie, websites that cheat their thanks to the highest of the rankings or offer no price to visitors), I anticipate seeing these carried forward throughout 2014. we will still expect small changes to Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird that still target each link quality and content quality.

Smart marketers can take pleasure in keeping an in depth eye on their link profiles, and playacting periodic audits to spot and take away inward links engineered by artificial means. top quality content investments can stay vital.

A solid SEO performance in 2014 goes to be engineered on a foundation of very understanding what happened in 2013, and what these changes mean each strategically and tactically for SEO. SEO very has modified in vital ways that.

Content selling is larger than Ever

Content selling can move from bunk to mature selling movement in 2014. From associate SEO perspective, Google are gazing firms that have sturdy content selling efforts as an indication that they are the sort of business Google desires to support.

Think of all the benefits of a decent content strategy:

> Regular, useful content targeted at your audience.
> Social signals from regular sharing and engagement.
> Freshness or signs that your website is alive and growing.
> Increasing authority connected to your body of labor.

Sound familiar? it is the terribly approach to SEO that each one of Google’s recent updates are designed to form.

What changes you would like to create in 2014 depends mostly on wherever your company stands currently in relevance a lively content selling strategy. firms with existing content ways can ought to assess the role of mobile, specifically.

If you’ve got simply begun to maneuver within the direction of content selling, it is time to essentially commit and diversify. If you haven’t started however, it is time to require the plunge.

Social Media Plays associate progressively Visible Role

Social media has been a significant player within the digital selling landscape for the previous couple of years. initial we tend to saw the increase of mega platforms like Facebook and Twitter. within the last few years, visual content from networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and numerous micro-video services has sweptwing through.

Today, diversification could be a major trend: looking on United Nations agency you are targeting, it’s now not enough to move on one network. In fact, The Content selling Institute recently free a study that the foremost prospering B2B marketers square measure active on a median of seven networks. firms and SEO professionals can ought to be asking the subsequent queries within the year ahead:

> Square measure we tend to taking our social media seriously? square measure we tend to using the pillars of sturdy profiles, smart content, reciprocity, and engagement?
> Is straightforward social sharing enabled for all of our content?
> Will our content strategy embody a dissemination section that features increasing its potential for distribution through social networks?
> Square measure we tend to active on the social networks that matter in our industry?
> Square measure we tend to active on the social networks that touch our customers?
> Square measure we tend to active on the social networks that touch the search engines? (See below for a lot of thoughts on creating that strategic investment).
> Will our social media selling strategy stimulate the extent of social signals needed to attain our goals?

Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates square measure possible to progressively deem social signals as active human curation of excellent content.

Invest in Google+

In addition to strengthening your overall social media selling position, it’s getting to be fully vital that you just square measure finance in your Google+ presence.

Moz’s most up-to-date study of ranking factors confirms that Google+ is enjoying associate progressively vital role in an exceedingly solid SEO ranking. The immediate areas to specialise in include:

Establishing Google Authorship of your content, and fastening it to your Google+ account. Authorship, that brings your body of content along, can play a very important role within the SERPs furthermore as strengthening your Author Rank.

Those +1’s add up. it is not clear specifically what quantity Google +1’s directly contribute, however it’s honest to mention that it is a major consider the “social signals” part of Google’s formula. I expect this to extend within the year ahead.

Hummingbird Was simply the Tip of the Mobile Iceberg

2014 are the year of mobile SEO. Hummingbird was simply the terribly tiny visible tip of a awfully massive iceberg as Google struggles to reply to the chop-chop shifting landscape wherever 1/2 all Americans own smartphones and a minimum of third own tablets. Those statistics can most likely shift upward, perhaps dramatically, once the 2013 season.

As a result, your site’s mobile performance matters to your SEO rankings. Properties that you are attempting to rank ought to be designed initial for mobile and so scaled up for the large screen. If you do not have a mobile-optimized web site, this has to be your prime priority in terms of SEO and style investments for 2014.

Some underlying changes that happened with Hummingbird, together with the increasing importance of each linguistics search and data Graph, can still grow in influence. much speaking, this can be to assist prepare the computer programme for the increase of voice search related to mobile. however it conjointly has direct implications (which we’re still learning about) for broader SEO. this can be one space that you just ought to pay shut attention to, from however you structure your content to what content you decide on to place out.

The Long Versus Short discussion

Which is best, long content or short content? the solution depends on United Nations agency is making the content, United Nations agency is reading it, what it’s regarding, in what context it’s being consumed, and the way you outline “better.”

For the needs of this argument, that style of content can assist you best prepare to rank well in 2014? Frustratingly for a few, the solution is a lot of “both/and” than “or.”

Vocus recently cited a study that showed that the highest ten results for a particular keyword search attended be quite a pair of,000 words long. The validity of that study has been debated, however it’s most likely honest to mention that length could be a proxy for depth of experience and price delivered to the reader.

Google prices each experience and value. As a result, we have seen a trend wherever the “minimum fascinating length” for text-based content has shifted from one thing within the vary of 550 words to articles within the vary of 1000-plus words.

Yet we’re conjointly confronted with the truth of the mobile device: if i am reading regarding one thing i am solely moderately curious about, there is a high likelihood that I will not need to scroll through a pair of,000 words on my iPhone. That leaves content marketers moon-faced with the challenge of manufacturing mobile-friendly content, that tends to be (in a sweeping generality) a lot of, a lot of shorter.

Proposed solutions have run the gamut from content mixes to website architectures that enable you to purpose readers to specific versions of content supported their devices. this can be nice for the user expertise, however wherever it all comes out on the SEO formula front remains to be seen. For now, i am going to simply acknowledge that it’s a district of concern that may still evolve which it’s one thing you must keep your eye on.

Advertising and PPC contains a Shifted Relationship with SEO

Since Google created the choice to inscribe the overwhelming majority of its searches, our ability to access keyword knowledge for analysis functions has been restricted. However, there is a loophole. Keyword knowledge continues to be offered for advertisers victimization PPC on Google’s platform.

More SEO budgets is also driven toward PPC just because access to the info might somewhat be restricted. it is also potential that we’ll see the discharge of a premium Google product to provide US access thereto knowledge through another channel from Google within the year ahead.

Guest Blogging Remains one in every of the foremost Effective ways, With a Caveat

Guest blogging has exploded within the past year, and it’s getting to stay one in every of the foremost effective means that of building quality inward links, traffic, and stigmatisation exposure in 2014. However, it’s fully vital that you are making top quality content, and victimization extraordinarily demanding criteria once choosing your target sites.

In alternative words, you would like to use identical high attribute approach to guest blogging that you just do to the remainder of your SEO efforts. If you dip a toe into spammy waters wherever guest blogging is basically indiscriminating article selling with a 2014 update, you are possible to be penalised in an exceedingly future Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird update.


This has been a year of great modification within the SEO business. Even considering ways for 2014 will feel staggering.

The good news is that wanting back, it is simple to visualize that direction the trends square measure heading in terms of the years ahead. Staying the course on solid white hat ways and taking note to a number of priority square measureas that are shifting chop-chop ought to provide you with the insights required to enhance your organic search visibility in 2014 and on the far side.

What trends does one anticipate seeing from Google within the year ahead? however square measure you preparing?

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