12 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Tips in 2014 IndiaIn this article i will be able to give you with twelve best search engine optimization tips that may be relevant for 2014 and on the far side SEO. during this article i will be able to specialize in Google SEO strategy, alternative search engine ranking strategy is slightly completely different however until date Google is that the most well-liked search engine. you need to have older that SEO is turning into terribly competitive and conjointly terribly confusing as Google is change its search engine ranking thanks to that several of the old fashioned SEO methods don’t seem to be relevant.

You must have scan ton of seo tips and tricks on completely different websites or blogs. On one web site you need to have scan explicit methodology of Google seo, by the time you perceive and begin to implement it you notice that the search engine optimization technique doesn’t work any longer and your methodology would possibly cause red flag by Google. It becomes thus frustrating and confusing on that Google seo strategy works and the way to implement that strategy.

As Google updated its search algorithmic rule with panda,penguin and recently buzzing bird ton of web site have fallen down from ranking, this is often a decent chance, as currently there’s sensible scope for ranking if it’s done the proper method or in alternative words as Google needs it.

So here i will be able to gift twelve SEO tips that ought to be operating even for future Google update. i might wish to mention disclaimer here that the following tips mustn’t be wont to claim any losses, for all purpose this text ought to be treated as recreation price.

One factor is extremely vital to recollect that Google needs to provided highest quality content relevant to go looking term in its search results, and our effort ought to be to satisfy its demand, this one golden thumb rule if applied properly than non of the Google search algorithmic rule updates can result your ranking.

Since content is that the main focus of Google during this article i will be able to be talking solely concerning on-page SEO, it’s my belief that if your content is of excellent quality than back-links can get created naturally specifically as Google needs.

1. Keywords: Focus on topic of content :-

Well recent Hummingbird update isn’t simply associate degree update however it’s complete amendment over of the search algorithmic rule. of these days a lot of focus was on keyword, keyword in title, keyword in meta tags, URLs, keyword density, etc, all this is often still necessary however currently it’s currently a lot of concerning topic of the article, your article ought to embody a lot of keywords that are relevant to topic.

Over the years Google has studied search trends and has created nice effort in up equivalent word identification and conception grouping. this implies your article ought to have as several keywords that are equivalent word to main keyword and conjointly all the keywords that are associated with topic, conjointly combination of each. this may offer impression that the article is very associated with the most keyword.

2. Article Quality: Write Longer and Meaningful Articles :-

There was a time once 250 words articles wont to had best in search engine ranking however once panda update we’ve past the age of short articles. several web sites have suffered ranking as a result of tiny article particularly company website that hardly post long articles. Well you can not still have such tiny articles in your web site, few of such pages will not be a tangle however if bulk of the webpages are of such sort than your web site will get panda bait.

There are several web site that have seen success with 1500 words articles, thus if you’re somebody World Health Organization writes short articles than you’ll be able to mix them to create it long article however the most focus here ought to be to create it a meaning article and not trouble an excessive amount of concerning word count. Your content ought to be written, grammatically correct and really a lot of meaning. the most effective thanks to write long articles is by making list sort or combining options and advantages.

3. Increase Audience: With Unique and Fresh Content :-

One of the most focus of on-line promoting ought to be to extend the audience for your content. this will solely happen if you specialize in making recent content, what I mean is that writing new topic that others haven’t touched upon. this may facilitate in increasing your audience base.

As result your circle of influence can increase in Google+, Facebook , twitter or alternative social media. Writing a replacement content doesn’t solely facilitate in increasing audience however it conjointly helps in increasing crawl frequency and depth of your web site. you have got to own a attitude that content on your web site is for generating awareness and trust. Having this type of attitude can assist you with a lot of topics to write down concerning.

4. Bounce Rate: Visitors Engagement on Your Site :-

How much time will visitor to your web site spent or in alternative words bounce rate. Well if you’re having a meaning content and giving what visitor needs than he are going to be payment longer on your webpage. Increasing user engagement on your web site will scale back bounce rate and thereby increase the possibilities of higher ranking.

User engagement may be improved by not solely having sensible text content however conjointly by having sensible webpage style, higher layout of page, sensible fonts and line spacing arrangement, higher navigation and link presentation. of these factors will result vastly on the time, bounce rate and user engagement statics.

5. Advertisements: Too Many Ads can Get Penalized :-

How many ads and wherever does one place your advertisements?, well having ads on your web site isn’t a tangle however if you have got too several ads or inappropriate ad placement will cause penalization. you have got to take care concerning text link ads, they must be content matching. automatic phrase link advertisements ought to be avoided.

If there are any reasonably advertisements like popups or opening advertisements that may cause interference to the power of search engines to crawl your web site than those ads ought to be avoided.

6. Titles & Headers: Create Meaningful and Attention Garbing :-

The rule for writing SEO optimized title tag and header haven’t modified however there there might be amendment in Google title tag algorithmic rule. are you able to still continue with optimizing title tag for keyword or multiple keyword? thus if you’re optimizing your content targeted on topic and not on keyword than clearly your title ought to be supported topic.

You have to settle on right keyword that you just wish to use for title tag and header, take into account a term that has highest actual match search volume and optimize it to form a meaning and a spotlight garbing title tag.

If that keyword can’t be optimized than select another keyword that would be optimized such the title and content relate and really a lot of targeted towards topic. this type of optimization can gain ranking for old as its social circle will become sturdy.

7. Description: Should be Focused to Increase Click-through Rate :-

There is no a lot of amendment in optimization of meta description tag. Avoid duplicate description tag, confirm that each page on your web site has completely different description. Keyword stuffing in description will raise alarm therefore the best plan is to specialize in increasing click through rate.

Also you attractive description ought to be written among one hundred fifty word this is often to make sure that non of the words get interrupt and also the actual massage is bestowed because it is written to extend click-through rate. Google conjointly would possibly will arm exercise ranking of websites that have higher click-through rate.

8. Structured Data Markup: Think Before You Implement It :-

You must perceive that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing show the search leads to the information format they need to, so their guests are supplied with the most effective and most info a couple of topic.

Employing structured information markup in your web site {you can|you’ll|you may} be providing most info to the search engines and also the guests will get the specified info from the search engine. thus there’s a prospect that the visitor might not come back to your web site, whereas you would like that the guests ought to come back to your web site and take some action or get ton of alternative info not shown by search engine. thus you wish to suppose before you implement it.

Having aforementioned this there are some structured information markups that are best practices and should be enforced like publishers and author tag.

9. Keyword Stuffing: Avoid it or Hide It :-

Talking concerning keyword stuffing is sort of a old fashioned speak and by currently all the SEO followers grasp all right that keyword stuffing are going to be penalized. however there are some reasonably web site like pushcart wherever it’s attainable that very same keyword seems again and again is also as a class or titles of merchandise. thus can this not have an effect on your seo and thereby ranking.

If your {website|web web site} is recent and authority site than it should not get settled a lot of however if it’s new or concerning two years recent than higher take care with keyword stuffing. If you would like to point out keyword to go looking engine than use markup language if you would like to cover than use image, java-script or alternative media.

10. URLs: Keep It Readable :-

Well as for URLs you’ll be able to continue as you were doing earlier, that’s keep the urls decipherable. A decipherable uniform resource locator gets higher click through rate in search engine additionally like back-links on alternative pages. In Google search results {a better|a far better|a much better|a higher|a stronger|a a lot of robust|an improved} decipherable uniform resource locator has more probability of being clicked than alternative short or non formatted urls.

Also if you hover mouse over a link on any webpage you’ll be able to see the uniform resource locator at all-time low of browser, since the anchor texts are few words the visitor might not perceive the subject of that uniform resource locator. however if the urls are decipherable than the visitor understands the subject and thence there’s a lot of probability of obtaining clicked, thereby traffic.

So confirm your CMS incorporates a feature to form uniform resource locator almost like that of title for that post, if your CMS isn’t having this feature than higher amendment your CMS to the one wherever in you’ll be able to produce URLs as you would like it to be.

11. Speed: More Important to Reduce Bounce Rate :-

Although there are claims that speed of the positioning doesn’t account a lot of for the search engine ranking, however it’ll for certain result the guests patience and thereby increase bounce rate. If you actually wish to grasp the speed of your web site, than try and open it during a busy native network. If it will open quickly than your web site speed is okay.

Remember that if {the web site|the location|the positioning} is loading terribly slow than the visitor can shut the window and switch to a different site, this may increase the bounce rate. Google offers ton of vital to the time spent by user on a selected page that’s bounce rate. thus your bounce rate ought to be low, even fraction of milliseconds will assist you scale back bounce rate. thus try and style sites that may load quicker.

12. Crawl: Ensure Your Website Can Be easily Crawled :-

Unless your webpages don’t seem to be crawled they can not seem in search engine results. thus you have got to create positive that each one your webpages are crawlable. conjointly confirm you utilize correct meta tags like index, noindex, follow tags etc betting on that pages you would like to be crawled and that you are doing not.

Also make sure that the search engines have crawled the webpages that are recently updated. If you discover that updated pages don’t seem to be crawled than it would be downside of your domain authority. This downside may be resolved by higher internal and external back-links.

You have to create efforts to urge the pages you would like to urge graded be crawled quicker and regularly updated. don’t leave it for the possibility.

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