5 E-Commerce Marketing Tips For Online MarketingIf you run a e-commerce business, chances are high that your customers – despite their age, gender or economic standing – are active on social networks and social media sharing sites.

Just think about the statistics from social media watching web site Pingdom:

Males and females nearly equally use social sites (47% vs. 53%)
sixty one of Facebook users are middle aged or older, with the typical age being thirty seven
18- to 24-year-olds don’t dominate any explicit social networking site; they’re displayed everywhere

The bottom line: If you aren’t discovering that in social networking channels your customers pay time and embrace them in your e-commerce promoting combine, you’re in all probability missing out on building relationships, community and increasing new client acquisition through on-line word of mouth.

Leverage these 5 social media promoting tips for e-commerce to either start with additional social digital promoting or take your current social strategy to future level:

1. Go Where Your Customers Are :-

Very few things in life promise endless choices – digital and social media promoting being one exception. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to YouTube, there’s no limit to the amount of social networking channels out there for your business to leverage. Key to prosperous social media promoting for e-commerce is selecting the correct channels to achieve customers.

Find out where your customers are congregating by:

Asking them. Sounds to a fault simple, however causing a proper survey to customers or additional informally polling them on your web site will offer a wealth of data.

watching social sites. Use a free tool like Social Mention or Tracker. For one thing way more strong use tools like Radian6 to find however and wherever customers ar talking regarding your complete, your competitors or target keywords.

investment the stats. Some sites like Facebook are clear once it involves user statistics. Or leverage analysis conducted by third-party corporations like e-Marketer.

Review back-links, job postings, news announcements and keyword rankings of competitors on an everyday basis to induce a glimpse into their on-line promoting health.

2. Monitor What Your Competitors Are Doing :-

Whether your e-commerce business is new social media promoting, or simply ought to take your efforts up a notch, competitive intelligence will be terribly helpful. pay it slow by conducting a competitive audit of your prime 5 competitors on the social net. Include:

The social sites during which they’re active the sort of content they publish on the social net
the amount of followers/fans/views they need on every web site however they promote specific product, programs or events via social media

For even additional inspiration and insight into what works well on the social net, look to e-commerce sites in alternative industries or perhaps prosperous B2B social media examples.

3. Promote Exclusive Offers Through Social Media :-

In order for your e-commerce business to achieve a following on no matter social channel you decide on, stimulate customers with one thing they can’t get anyplace else.

For example, promote a contest via social media. Last fall, TopRank® on-line promoting leveraged this maneuver for one among its e-commerce shoppers. TopRank used the client’s web log and Facebook fan page to push a Halloween contest to call the most effective costume. This initiative not solely drove extra traffic to the client’s web site, however additionally helped increase the amount of Facebook fans.

Alternately, supply Associate in Nursing exclusive item to social media followers or fans, like free shipping or a weekly coupon. you’ll additionally supply “breaking news” that doesn’t seem anyplace else, like pre-product unharness announcements or an enclosed explore your company’s inter-workings.

4. Don’t Just Push Products and Promotions :-

The primary goal of your e-commerce web site could also be to sell product, however your social media promoting strategy ought to include a wider vary of techniques that merely promoting offerings. With an excessive amount of product pushing and not enough engagement, you’re unlikely to expertise best success.

Incorporate a number of these ideas into your e-commerce social media promoting strategy:

> Share messages or news stories from external sources
> Produce a web log on your web site and feed web log content to your social accounts
> Raise queries, participate in discussions or poll your customers via social media
> Post footage from company events or videos from your CEO’s speaking engagements

5. Sell Products Through Social Networks & E-Commerce Portals :-

Many e-commerce sites leverage social channels to form it even easier for purchasers to get their product. 1-800-Flowers has taken this idea to the Georgia home boy (see image above). it absolutely was the primary e-commerce web site to launch a Facebook store, permitting customers to browse and get its product directly through Facebook.

1-800-Flowers could also be Associate in Nursing extreme case, however e-commerce sites giant and tiny will still indirectly sell product through their social profiles. for instance, highlight new product or best-sellers and supply a link to the order page on your web site. it should not be quite as easy as buying directly from the social profile, however it will be even as effective.

Today several e-commerce seller are selling their products ranging from Rs.25 to heavy price range through top available e-commerce portals like Flipkart.com, Mabong.com, Myntra.com, Naaptol.com, Shopclues.com and other several other portals in India.

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